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RRC First in Nation to Utilize Federal Funds to Plug Even More Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells

Texas became the first state in the nation to begin plugging abandoned oil and gas wells using federal grants from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Plugging work began last week on an abandoned oil and gas well in Refugio County in South Texas. The RRC anticipates the initial grant will be used to plug approximately 800 abandoned wells. These would be in addition to 1,000 wells the agency anticipates will be plugged this year by the successful State Managed Plugging Program (SMP), using industry fee and fine revenue from the Oil and Gas Regulatory and Cleanup Fund.

“The RRC’s success and expertise with SMP was instrumental in quickly standing up the plugging project using federal funds,” said Clay Woodul, RRC Assistant Director of the Oil and Gas Division for Field Operations. “Our established workplans and contracting will continue to help ensure neighborhoods and the environment across Texas are kept safe through our well plugging work.”