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Understanding the Value of Houston’s Hispanic Consumers

Hispanic Texans drive population growth, meet workforce needs, contribute significantly to taxes and spending, and wield substantial voting power. Advertising in Que Onda Magazine offers a strategic pathway for businesses to connect with this influential demographic, leveraging their economic and civic influence for brand recognition and engagement in Houston’s rapidly growing Hispanic community.

Population Growth

The Hispanic population in Texas, notably in Houston, has grown by 26.9% in the last decade, with Hispanics comprising 36.1% of the city’s labor force. Advertising in Que Onda Magazine enables businesses to connect with this expanding and dynamic market.

Purchasing Power

Hispanics contribute significantly to the Houston economy, directing 24% of their income to taxes and the other 76% to spending. Advertising in Que Onda Magazine enables businesses to engage with a consumer base wielding substantial purchasing power.

Voting Power

The Hispanic population constitutes a significant portion of the electorate in the Houston metropolitan area, making up 27.8%. Que Onda strives to develop meaningful relationships with local politicians, allowing our audience to learn more about the local politics and social dynamics of Houston ultimately growing their substantial voting power.

Business Ownership

Houston has 9,800+ Hispanic-owned businesses, making up 11% of all regional businesses. Advertise in Que Onda Magazine to connect with the Hispanic entrepreneurial spirit, fostering partnerships and reaching a business-savvy audience.

“It gives me so much pride that Que Onda Magazine does such an incredible amount of work for the Latino community in the state of Texas, and in our region, and it’s a model for the nation of how we need to continue empowering our Latino community with facts that get them engaged in the community”.

-Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner, Lesley Briones

How Que Onda Magazine Can Help Your Business

Que Onda Magazine, Houston’s oldest Hispanic publication, is dedicated to delivering the latest news through both digital and print platforms. With a rich legacy, we have cultivated strong relationships with local businesses and politicians, providing our audience with information into our local landscape.

Our expert team builds powerful advertising campaigns for businesses across all categories. We tailor campaigns to meet the unique needs of advertisers, ensuring their messages resonate effectively with our audience. Our online and print presence expands visibility and engagement across diverse demographics, making Que Onda Magazine the go-to platform for advertisers seeking cultural insights and effective connections in the dynamic Houston market.



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Que Onda is providing valuable information at a time when people don’t know who to trust. Just like we’re trying to gain the trust of the community by holding police accountable, by treating people fairly, we need good authentic information in our community, especially in our immigrant
communities. People trust Que Onda and I think that’s because you get to the source of the news”.

-Harris County District Attorney, Kim Ogg