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Third dose of the Pfizer vaccine likely to protect against COVID variants

It is looking more likely that we will need a booster shot of the coronavirus vaccine — at least when it comes to Pfizer’s vaccine.

Let’s connect the dots.

Pfizer’s CEO now says that people who received the Pfizer vaccine will likely need a third dose between six and 12 months after their initial vaccination.

That third shot is needed to fight against coronavirus variants that have developed. After that, he said getting your coronavirus vaccine would likely become an annual event — kinda like getting your flu shot every year.

But researchers still don’t know for sure how long protection against the virus will last. That’s because not all vaccines and not all viruses are the same.

Some, like the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine, known as the MMR, give lifetime protection, while the flu is only seasonal.

So far both Pfizer and Moderna are reporting their vaccines offer protection through at least six months.

The problem right now is the variants, which continue to spread.

In fact, the more contagious UK variant is now the dominant version of coronavirus in the U.S.

While limited research shows both Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines work against the variants, more research is needed and there is always a concern a new one will emerge.

Source: www.khou.com