The Harris County Sheriff’s Office announced Sunday that over 100 people have been arrested for offenses related to illegal street racing during a multi-agency crackdown.

Several vehicles have been towed and multiple weapons recovered.

The crackdown came as race enthusiasts converge in Baytown this week for TX2K21 Roll & Drag Race Nationals.

County officials and authorities in Harris County have seen an increase in street racing and last year created a traffic crimes unit to combat complaints about reckless driving.

“Just last month, our sheriff’s office deputies investigated a dangerous street incident that resulted in a crash that killed two young brothers, ages 14 and 16,” said Sheriff Ed Gonzalez during a news briefing earlier this week “…The problem of illegal street racing and street takeovers has gotten so bad that last year our sheriff’s office created a special traffic crimes unit that is tasked with shutting down these drivers.”