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How you can make holiday returns during the pandemic

Many shoppers are braving the crowds barely a day after Christmas to exchange or return their gifts or even treat themselves to something new post-Christmas.

But with thousands of purchases made in-store and online, it’s important to know each retailer’s return policies. Retailers will commonly give you 30 days to make a return.

Certain stores give you 60 to 90 days to make returns, but there is usually a cutoff time for getting cashback and you may have to settle for a gift card. However, because of the pandemic, some retailers are more generous.


Amazon is extending their return giving people until the end of January to return any items bought between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31.

Best Buy

Purchases made at Best Buy between Oct. 13 and Jan. 2 have an extended return period through Jan. 16. However, there are some exclusions with third-party contracts, holiday products, and major appliances.


Stores like Kohl’s allow for purchased items to be returned within 180 days. Premium electronics purchased between Nov. 1 and Dec. 25 may be returned through Jan. 31, as long as the product is in original packaging with a valid receipt or account lookup.


Target has also extended its return policy. For electronics and entertainment items purchased Oct. 1 through Dec. 25, the refund period will begin on Dec. 26, though there are exclusions.


Since many items purchased from Walmart between Oct. 16 and Dec. 25 are gifts, all items with shorter return windows have an extended return timeframe, which allows more time to return items.

Store policies are usually posted at the check-out counter or printed on the back of receipts.