Although each case is different and amounts will vary, the differences on the way are the result of changes by FEMA and how they rate flood risks.

Vince Muniga, who is shopping for flood insurance for his home in The Woodlands, said he could not believe the quotes he’s getting.

“My homeowner’s insurance is about $1,200. And the flood insurance, I’m coming back with rates of anywhere between $1,200. The highest was more than $1,900,” Muniga said. “If I was in a flood district or where there was frequent flooding, I can understand, but I’m not.”

Starting Oct. 1, the new rates will go into place.

According to FEMA, about 14% will see a decrease in their policy per year.

The vast majority of people, 79%, will pay up to a $120 increase per year. The other 7% will pay over $120 per year more.

“So right now, let’s just say the lower valued homes are costing more where the higher value homes are costing less. They’re trying to level that out so that everybody’s paying what they should,” Donna Baker, an associate agent with Texan Insurance, said.

As for as what homeowners can expect, that’ll depend on several factors.

“They’re going to look at the bodies of water that are close to those areas. They’re going to look at the history of those areas. They’re going to look at all of those and take it in as a factor along with the elevation,” said Baker.