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The Glenda Gordy Research Center, which is housed within the Safe Community Institute at Crime Stoppers of Houston, is a solution-focused resource for the Greater Houston Area and beyond. For many years, Houstonians have expressed a need for an easily accessible and user-friendly place to look up crime statistical data for the City of Houston and Harris County. In our quest to be a solution focused organization, Crime Stoppers created The Glenda Gordy Research Center to fulfill this community need. Today, the website for the ‘Center’ is officially live for public use. Special thanks to website design company Astoundz for their contribution to make this site possible.

View website here: www.theglendagordyresearchcenter.com

“Crime has become a major concern for Houstonians in all pockets of our County. As we (Crime Stoppers) met with citizens and listened to outcries, it became clear that people were concerned and at times deeply fearful about crime. Those emotions, mixed with a lack of understanding of the criminal justice system, led to community anger and frustration. Always being solution focused, we created a research center that shares data, answers questions, and unites the community with information that empowers citizens. We are honored to serve our beloved community in this way.” said Crime Stoppers CEO Rania Mankarious

What You Will Find

  • Dashboards – Easily digestible crime statistics in the form of interactive dashboards
    • Six (6) dashboards on the following felony level offenses: Homicide, Aggravated Robbery, Aggravated Sexual Assault, Aggravated Assault, Felon in Possession of a Weapon, and Human Trafficking
    • Each of these categories includes many different offenses which are explained in the “terminology” center. (explained below)
    • Human Trafficking Dashboard includes various maps of Suspected Illicit Massage Businesses (SIMB) – In partnership with Demand Disruption, the Center also provides 20+ maps of suspected illicit massage businesses across Texas in the following categories:
      • 2018-2022 Suspected Illicit Massage Businesses (SIMB) Texas State level
      • 2018-2022 Suspected Illicit Massage Businesses (SIMB) Houston Area
      • 2022 Suspected Illicit Massage Businesses (SIMB) By County
      • 2022 Suspected Illicit Massage Businesses (SIMB), Churches Houston Area & Texas
      • 2022 Suspected Illicit Massage Businesses (SIMB), Colleges/Universities Houston Area & Texas
      • 2022 Suspected Illicit Massage Businesses (SIMB) Houston Area & Daycare Facilities
  • Terminology Center – An educational center where community members can learn about common terms used within our justice system, the roles and responsibilities of local leaders, and more.
    • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of our City and County Officials, like the County Judge, City Council Members, Precinct Constables and many others, will empower Houstonians to better advocate for the safety of themselves, their families and their community.
    • The terminology center also includes definitions for general terms such as cash bond, criminally negligent homicide, deferred adjudication, dismissed, disposed, found not guilty, no bill, null, parole, and much more.
The Glenda Gordy Research Center is made possible by support from the following donors: Phillips 66, Jill & Charlie Talisman, Lindsay & Scott Aronstein, Maria Braun, Brian Laviage, Josh Crescenzi, Karen Selzer, Russell Molina, Briarcroft Shopping Center, Pablo Franco and John Filla.

Other project supporters include Astoundz, Dr. Marian Zaki, Houston Baptist University and Lisa Groten.

If you have additional questions or need further assistance related to the Center or the crime data provided in the dashboards, please contact scp@crime-stoppers.org.

Visit crime-stoppers.org for more information about Crime Stoppers of Houston and other free crime prevention programs.

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