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Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia Applauds The Biden- Harris Administration’s Executive Orders Aimed At Modernizing Our Immigration System

Today, Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia (TX-29) issued the following statement in response to the Biden- Harris administration’s Executive Orders that aim to modernize our immigration system:  

“It is refreshing to have a president who uses executive orders to help, not hurt,  our immigrant community. These executive orders are certainly a step in the right direction and reaffirm the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to fixing our broken immigration system and bringing the nation together.


“The Biden administration’s executive orders will help put an end to years of cruel and inhumane immigration policies. From working to reunite the hundreds of children with their parents through the Family Reunification Task Force, to address the root causes of immigration to the United States by working with our neighboring countries, President Biden’s approach will keep our country safe while upholding our core values as Americans.

“While President Biden’s executive orders are a major improvement, Congress must step up and enact legislation that will complement and strengthen these orders. I look forward to working with the Biden-Harris administration to keep families together, ensure a pathway to citizenship, and enact fair immigration laws that treat those coming to our country in search of a better life and opportunity with the dignity and respect that they deserve.”