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Tropical Storm Warning issued for Harris County, Beryl to make landfall near Matagorda Bay Monday

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Beryl is currently a tropical storm over the Gulf of Mexico and on track to make landfall near Matagorda Bay early Monday morning as a category 1 hurricanes. Conditions will deteriorate quickly Sunday night with flash flooding, tropical storm to hurricane force winds, tornadoes and a storm surge up to 6 feet for coastal communities all on tap from Beryl.

Temperatures Saturday night will fall into the upper 70s under a mostly cloudy sky. A few showers developing over the coast could lift through the region Sunday morning, just the first of several rounds of rain on the way.

How’s the rest of the holiday weekend look?

Sunday morning will be relatively calm, so if you need to still make any last-minute errands before Beryl impacts the region, this will be the time to do it. A few showers will pull in from the gulf in the morning and afternoon before heavier bands of rain begin later in the day. Winds will also begin to pick up the second half of the day as Beryl approaches the Texas coast. This is also when the storm surge could begin to move into coastal areas as well.

How will Beryl impact Southeast Texas next week?

Beryl will likely make landfall in Matagorda Bay early Monday morning. This is looking like a high impact storm for Southeast Texas, and we need to be prepared for the impacts of this hurricane to arrive as early as Sunday night and continue through Monday. Tropical Storm Warnings for Houston and much of Southeast Texas, plus Hurricane Warnings and Storm Surge Warnings for other areas, have been issued. Because we believe the brunt of the impacts will be felt on Monday, that is now an ABC13 Weather Alert Day. For more frequent updates on Beryl and other tropical systems, head to our Daily Tropical Weather Update page.

How much rain could Beryl bring?

A Flood Watch has been issued for much of Southeast Texas, including Houston, for Sunday evening through Tuesday morning. Excessive rainfall and runoff from Beryl could flood rivers, creeks, streams and flood-prone areas. 5 to 10 inches of rain, upwards of 15 in spots, is expected to fall within this area. Street flooding will be a big concern, especially Monday, where water levels could quickly rise and leave motorists at risk