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Tropical Storm Warning for Portions of the City of Houston

Southeast Harris County, including some portions of the City of Houston, is under a tropical storm warning. Tropical Storm Beryl is expected to make landfall southwest of the City near Matagorda Bay. 2-4 feet of beach inundation is possible. The City of Houston Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is monitoring the potential for impact from this storm.  

Houston residents should pay close attention and begin taking steps in the event an emergency situation develops.

Protective Actions

Prepare your home and review your plans before a storm impacts the area.

Steps to Take Now:  

  • Ensure your family has 5-7 days of food, water, and necessary supplies.
    • This includes enough prescription medication for at least this duration, in case pharmacies and doctor’s offices are closed.
    • Consider the unique needs of small children, seniors, special needs family members, and pets.
  • Decide what you and your family will do if the storm impacts your area.  Most City of Houston residents are not vulnerable to storm surge and do not need to evacuate before a hurricane or tropical storm.  Vulnerable residents who require electricity may also consider evacuation in advance of a major storm.  For a map of hurricane evacuation zones and mandatory evacuation areas, visit: houstonoem.org/pages/hurricane
  • Develop a family communication plan, so that you know who to check in with after a storm.  Visit houstonoem.org/pages/prepare for more information on developing a plan.
  • Know how to turn off your utilities.  This includes electricity, water, and gas.  Only turn off gas if instructed by local officials or by CenterPoint Energy.

Monitor Official Sources for Current Information:  Rumors and misinformation can be common before and during major storms.  It is important to seek out official information from trusted sources.  

Official sources include: the City of Houston Emergency Information Center (houstontx.gov/emergency), National Weather Service Houston/Galveston Forecast Office (weather.gov/hgx), National Hurricane Center (hurricanes.gov), Harris County Flood Warning System (harriscountyfws.org), Houston TranStar (houstontranstar.org), and local meteorologists.