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UPDATE | Winter Weather Safety (Tuesday-2:00 pm)


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Life-threatening cold weather conditions continue in Harris County. Temperatures are unlikely to move above freezing for more than a few hours until Wednesday. Freezing rain and ice will also return overnight in much of the county.

Plan to arrive at the location where you intend to spend the night no later than 5:00 p.m. today. STAY OFF THE ROADS AFTER SUNSET.
Residents are urged to exercise extreme caution if driving. Patches of ice still cover some roads. Avoid freeways and drive as you would in a school zone – slowly while watching for ice, pedestrians, and other motorists. Remember, hundreds of traffic signals are out across Harris County. Treat every intersection like a 4-way-stop.
• Electric power will continue to be an issue for some residents into Wednesday or even later.
• Extinguish fireplace before going to bed
• If you have power, conserve! Run your thermostat lower than 68 degrees.
• Continue to stay at home – even if you do not have power. You are safer where you are!
• Road conditions will remain hazardous and all travel should be avoided.
• Residents should closely monitor media and the National Weather Service for updates to the forecast.
• Text FREEZE to 888777 for winter storm updates from ReadyHarris
Do not use generators, gas ovens, and stoves, charcoal grills, or other open-flame heat sources inside your home. In addition, never go to bed leaving a fireplace burning. Carbon monoxide gas will build up indoors and can kill! Place generators in an adequately ventilated, outdoor space. If using your car to charge electronic devices, make sure your car is outdoors and not in your garage.
Finally, only call 9-1-1 for emergencies. Call centers are overrun with calls about the loss of power and broken pipes. They cannot assist with these issues.