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TSA announces new record for most travelers screened in a single day

By Indira Zaldivar & Edward Saenz
The Transportation Security Administration announced a new record for the highest number of travelers screened in a single day. On Friday, TSA officers screened 2,951,163 individuals at checkpoints nationwide, surpassing the previous record set on November 26, 2023, during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

TSA public affairs spokesperson Lisa Farbstein shared the milestone on X, formerly known as Twitter, stating, “If you flew yesterday, congratulations, you were part of a record-setting day. @TSA officers screened more people at airport security checkpoints nationwide yesterday (May 24th) than any other day in our 22-year history.”

This achievement underscores a significant uptick in air travel, with five of the top ten busiest travel days in TSA’s history occurring in 2024 alone. This trend highlights the growing demand for air travel and the TSA’s crucial role in maintaining security and efficiency at airports across the country.