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Thousands still without water after winter storm

The historic freezing temperatures might be gone but many Houstonians are still without running water.

In a press conference on Sunday, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said he believes the number of tenants and homeowners struggling is likely in the thousands.

Coaquies Davis, who lives at the Sterlingshire apartments in northeast Houston, said she’s been without water for about 11 days.

“I feel so frustrated. It hard on us and our kids. I’ve been keeping them inside because you can’t get too dirty if you can’t bathe,” Davis said.

The water issue at the Villas Del Paseo apartment complex in southwest Houston is too much for some residents.

Jaider Vera suffered significant water damage in her apartment due to a busted pipe and like others at the complex had no running water.

Dozens of residents gathered as part of a demonstration Sunday afternoon alongside Houston Tenants Union to protest the complex’s response.

“The tenants have unanimously decided that they’re not going to pay rent tomorrow until they fix the water,” said Dominica, a volunteer for the Houston Tenants Union.

Turner did not comment on the issues of each individual complex but said some of the issues are being caused by a shortage in supplies.

“Plumbers are being stretched thin,” he said.

Source: www.click2houston.com