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The transition of power begins

Unfortunately, Wednesday was not at all peaceful. It looked a lot like too many Third World nations fraught with violence. It embarrassed our country. We used to take pride in being the shining example to the world for the way it can and should be done — peacefully. Yet all is not lost in my humble opinion.

Let me just say that I have been a proud Trump supporter. Proud of all that President Trump was able to accomplish in his four years in office. He took us away from the socialist trend that our nation has been on for a number of years.

We will have to wait and see how much this will swing back toward that direction again. We will have to wait and see what Mr. Trump will do and how he will move forward in his post-presidency.

I am not happy with the way he appears to have thrown VP Mike Pence, one of his most loyal supporters, “under the bus” for doing his constitutional duty.

Do I believe there was voter fraud? Yes, I do, but can I prove it? No, I cannot. I am informed by the media and books that I read.

We must be most vigilant during the next administration and especially so with both branches of Congress and the presidency of the same party. Our congressional leadership must work to contain the radical agenda of the left.

We as citizens must hold our congressional representatives’ feet to the fire, and we must work to support and elect down-ballot officeholders who will fight for our liberty.

I am optimistic that our nation will continue to survive and to thrive, not because of our new administration or the dominance of the Democrat Party in Congress. Our nation will carry on because of the Constitution that our Founding Fathers created if we remain vigilant.

We will remain strong because of the resilience and the ingenuity of the American people. A very wise man (my father) often told me when discouragement presented itself: “The sun will come up tomorrow.”