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The Importance of Energy Advocacy

AUSTIN – The following can be attributed to Todd Staples, President of the Texas Oil & Gas Association:

Throughout the month of February, the Texas Oil & Gas Association (TXOGA) prepared for our biggest Energy Day ever – an event as big and impactful as the energy industry has been to the State of Texas over the last 100 years.

No matter where you live in Texas, the Texas oil and natural gas industry benefits you, and it does so in a greater capacity than you might realize. Three figures help to demonstrate just how impactful this industry is to our state and to its constituents: 14 – 29 – 348.

In Fiscal Year 2018, the Texas oil and natural gas industry paid more than $14 billion in state and local taxes and state royalties. The oil and natural gas industry also represented a whopping 29% of Texas’s Gross State Product. And in 2018, the oil and natural gas industry employed over 348,000 Texans with good-paying, stable jobs that provide for their families.

From exploration and production, to transmission and processing, to refining, servicing and marketing, the men and women in the oil and natural gas industry are the reason for the unparalleled success of Texas, and 2019 Texas Energy Day @ the Capitol celebrated these remarkable achievements. 

We too seldom hear the good news of the Texas oil and natural gas industry’s benefits to our state and are so often fed misinformation from groups wrongfully attacking the industry. Participants in 2019 Texas Energy Day @ the Capitol had an opportunity to talk about good jobs and the importance of science-based regulations and energy security. Oil and natural gas employees expressed their pride in an industry that makes electricity bills affordable and provides state and local revenue used to pave our roads, build our schools and fund our first responders.

2019 Texas Energy Day @ the Capitol brought more than 60 companies, associations and chambers and over 700 Texans from across the state to their State Capitol in Austin to voice their support for the industry that is quite literally fueling Texas. 

Energy supporters from Midland, El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, and several cities in between began 2019 Texas Energy Day @ the Capitol hearing from a few of our state’s top officials, including Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Commissioner Emily Lindley and Texas House Energy Resources Committee Chairman Chris Paddie. Chairman Paddie and Senate Natural Resources Committee Chairman Brian Birdwell also sponsored resolutions – H.R. 473 and S.R. 226 – honoring 2019 Texas Energy Day @ the Capitol.

It was then on to the grounds of the Texas State Capitol, where Colorado Street and the Ground Floor Rotunda were transformed into “Energy Avenue” and the “Tech Hub” for the day, and attendees and visitors experienced over 20 exhibits that showcased innovation, technological advancements and safety practices of the oil and natural gas industry.

A virtual reality tour of an offshore rig, an in-line inspection tool that can measure pressure and detect leaks from inside a pipeline, a frac sand conveyer belt truck, a liquid nitrogen display, and models that showed how wells are constructed with layers of concrete and steel pipe were just a handful of items on display to give attendees and the public a firsthand look into the advancement and sophistication of the industry.

2019 Texas Energy Day @ the Capitol attendees concluded the day with conversations with their lawmakers and staff about what oil and natural gas has meant for each of them individually and reinforced the fact that when oil and natural gas does well, all of Texas does well. Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Christi Craddick and Commissioner Wayne Christian also made an appearance, taking time to talk with energy employees along Energy Avenue and in the Capitol.

Energy supporters who couldn’t attend the day sent emails and letters to their lawmakers to lend a voice to the cause online and through social media, where #TXEnergyDay2019 quickly became a popular topic and was trending on Twitter.

Whether it’s relying on the 96 percent of products we use every day that are made from oil and natural gas or enjoying the energy security that has propelled our state and nation into the driver’s seat of the energy space, 2019 Texas Energy Day @ the Capitol was a very visible reminder that all Texans benefit from the oil and natural gas industry’s robust presence in our state.