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Texas’ COVID-19 vaccinations begin to rebound after plunging during last week’s winter storm

Nationwide, some 6 million vaccine doses were unable to reach their destinations due to delayed shipments, treacherous roads, and utility outages created by the winter storm. Among them were 450,000 doses earmarked for Texas — where the vaccine rate plummeted last week due to the storm.

This week, the state expects to see about 1.5 million doses arrive, which include last week’s undelivered doses, this week’s allocation of more than 1 million doses, and more than 84,000 additional doses for new federal vaccination hubs opening in three cities this week, said Chris Van Deusen, spokesperson for the Texas Department of State Health Services.

About 90% of those doses had arrived Monday or were expected Tuesday, state health officials said, with the remainder expected to be delivered Wednesday. Next week’s allocation of vaccines should arrive on schedule, state and local officials said.

“It’s a brighter day,” U.S. Rep. Al Green, D-Houston, said at a Monday press conference in Houston, where it was sunny and warm. “And there are brighter days to come.”

Source: www.texastribune.org