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Taylor Swift’s Father Allegedly Punches Paparazzi Photographer in Sydney

Tensions escalated on the Sydney waterfront as allegations of assault surfaced involving the father of global pop sensation Taylor Swift. Photographer Ben McDonald reported to police that he was punched in the face by Scott Swift, just hours after the conclusion of Taylor Swift’s Australian tour.

The incident reportedly occurred at Neutral Bay Wharf, where the Swifts had disembarked from a yacht. However, a spokesperson for Taylor Swift refuted McDonald’s claim, stating that the altercation ensued as two individuals aggressively approached Taylor and her security team.

McDonald, a seasoned paparazzo, recounted taking pictures of the Swift entourage on a luxury yacht in Sydney Harbor during a late-night celebration following the end of the Australian leg of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour.

Despite sustaining minor injuries, McDonald decided to report the assault to the police. “It was just a punch in the chops. It’s a little tender, but I don’t have any bruising and it didn’t require medical assistance,” he explained.

New South Wales Police confirmed an investigation into the alleged assault, involving a 51-year-old man and a 71-year-old man, without disclosing names in accordance with policy. However, AFP identified Scott Swift as the accused party.

While Taylor Swift departed Australia on a private jet bound for Singapore, McDonald recounted the events leading up to the altercation, describing the presence of security personnel and the paparazzi waiting to photograph the star.

McDonald emphasized that there was no provocation for the violence. “We didn’t go rushing down the jetty. We didn’t go rushing to the back of the boat. We waited for her to come up. Kept it very civil,” he stated.

Fans of Taylor Swift rallied in support of her father on social media platforms, with hashtags like “Free Scott Swift” gaining traction. Scott Swift, affectionately referred to as “Papa Swift,” has garnered a following for his amiable interactions with fans at his daughter’s concerts and public events.

The investigation into the alleged assault remains ongoing, as both sides offer contrasting narratives surrounding the incident.