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Statement from Crime Stoppers of Houston Regarding the Departure of HPD Chief Art Acevedo


Crime Stoppers of Houston thanks HPD Chief Art Acevedo for his undeniable leadership over the last four years. In Chief Acevedo, we found a strong community partner who refused to turn his back on the safety of our community for the sake of politics. He led with a true and honest commitment to doing what’s right, with an ear on the voice of crime victims and for the sake of our collective quality of life. His fair and hardworking leadership will be greatly missed. Crime Stoppers of Houston will continue to share the concerns he so vociferously voiced in an effort to keep Houston safe.

We join many others in urging Mayor Turner to hire a new Chief with the same commitment to public safety and who has the courage and ability to speak out honestly on issues that are directly impacting the safety of all our communities.

“In my many years at the helm of crime Stoppers of Houston, I’ve been fortunate to work with an array of leaders at HPD. Chief Acevedo’s style, passion and honest approach will be missed by all of us striving to fight politics on one hand and criminal activity on the other. He’s been an inspirational leader whose work will absolutely continue by many of us in the community. We wish him the most success. Houston’s loss is Miami’s gain.” said Crime Stoppers of Houston CEO Rania Mankarious.