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Shell reports damage assessment of WD-143 from Hurricane Ida

The WD-143 facilities serve as the transfer station for production from our assets in the Mars corridor in the Gulf of Mexico to onshore crude and natural gas terminals.

Given the timeline for repairs to WD-143, we expect to resume production from our Olympus platform, which flows across the WD-143 “C” platform, in Q4 2021, and from our Mars and Ursa facilities, which flow across the WD-143 “A” platform, in Q1 2022. Our Perdido asset in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico was never disrupted by Hurricane Ida, and our floating production, storage and offloading vessel, the Turritella (also known as Stones), is on line. At this stage of the recovery, approximately 60% of Shell-operated production in the Gulf of Mexico is back on line.

As we continue to assess and address the impact of Hurricane Ida on our businesses, our top priorities continue to be the protection and recovery of our people and assets, the community and the environment.

Source: www.shell.com