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Shakira Honored with Larger-Than-Life Bronze Statue in Hometown of Barranquilla

In a dazzling tribute to international pop sensation Shakira, officials in her Colombian hometown of Barranquilla unveiled a towering six-meter (20-feet) bronze statue of the music diva. The monumental artwork immortalizes the Grammy and Latin Grammy winner, celebrated worldwide for her infectious tunes and captivating dance moves.

The striking statue captures Shakira in one of her iconic belly dancing outfits, her hips gracefully swaying to the right, and her arms raised in a gesture that reflects the dynamism of her performances. The unveiling ceremony marked a momentous occasion for the town that witnessed the birth of the renowned artist.

A commemorative plaque placed beneath the statue eloquently states, “On Feb. 2, 1977, the town of Barranquilla and the world witnessed the birth of a heart that composes, hips that don’t lie, a voice that moves masses, and a pair of bare feet that walk for the good of children and humanity.” The inscription pays homage to Shakira’s multifaceted impact, acknowledging her not only as a musical powerhouse but also as a philanthropist dedicated to the well-being of children and humanity.

The unveiling of this grand tribute serves as a testament to Shakira’s enduring influence on the global stage and her significant contributions to the world of music and philanthropy. Barranquilla proudly celebrates its native daughter, whose artistic legacy continues to resonate across borders.