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Nuestra Palabra & Alley Theatre Unite for Quixote Nuevo

Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say is proud to unite with the Alley Theatre to get this work to as many people in our community as possible during Nuestra Palabra’s 22nd Anniversary season-Nuestra Palabra Style.

The playwrite, Octávio Soliz, wrote Quixote Nuevo. He is also the author of many other plays and the powerful memoir Retablos. He is a Mexican American writer from Texas who understands our daily life, our dreams, how we envision the future, and what touches our hearts.

And the Alley Theatre as one of the leading theatrical organizations in the nation has used all of its genius and resources to bring Quixote Nuevo to life on stage in Houston from Friday, January 17 to Feb. 9th. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Rob Melrose, the Alley Theatre has not only made this a world-class production, but they’ve also made it fun, and engaging, and they are rolling out the red carpet for the Latino community.

The star of the play is actor Emilio Delgado who you will recognize from appearing on Sesame Street for 40 years. In an era where we lament the lack of representation in Hollywood, it is comforting and nostalgic to get to see Emilio on stage and live. For decades he was the lone figure on a national broadcast who looked like us or our family members. It is thrilling to have him in Houston for this performance.

Additionally, The Alley Theatre has cultivated a profound relationship with Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say. We have been involved in developing the outreach for this critical work from beginning to end. No other major mainstream organization in the city or the state and possibly even with the country has worked as closely with a community-based organization for such a major production.

This means that you can expect to hear from Octavio and Emilio as well as KJ Sanchez, the Latina who directs to play, on our radio show Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say Tuesdays live from 6 pm to 7 pm on 90.1 FM KPFT.

You will also have opportunities to meet them in person, to hear about their work, and to learn from them. That’s what Nuestra Palabra is all about, and we’re thrilled that the Alley theater has opened its heart and theatre to our approaches.

This also means those same folks will be visiting the community, and when our community goes to the Alley Theatre-they will roll out the red carpet, and we will be acknowledged. This is a whole new era. I hope that you will have a chance to experience our art and culture in all its splendor.

Visit the Alley Theatre website for dates and tickets: www.AlleyTheatre.org