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Nellyris (Didi) Negron Northampton PA, USA (Puerto Rican Descent) Drummer

Didi’s love of music began at an early age, growing up surrounded by musicians at home and in her community.

Didi developed a wide range of talents including piano, percussion, guitar, bass guitar, saxophone, trombone and, of course, the drums. All of these disciplines were self-taught!

Just before her high school graduation, Didi was awarded a scholarship in recognition of her outstanding musical talents, which afforded her the opportunity to train privately under the tutelage of John SanFilipo, a renowned drum instructor in Lehigh Valley, PA.

It was then that Didi realized there was no other profession for her to pursue than a career in music! Didi attended the world-renowned Berklee College School of Music in Boston, MA, graduating with a major in Music Performance. During her time at Berklee, Didi was offered, and is still endorsed by, Vater Drum Sticks, Sabian Cymbals, Gretsch Drums, Latin Percussion, Roland V-Drums and Cympad.

In 2010, Didi represented the United States for the Roland V-Drum competition in Las Vegas, after taking home the title of New York regional winner in the Guitar Center Sam Ash V-Drum Drum-Off.

She has toured with the Roland V-Drum Girl Scouts Rock Band, inspiring and empowering young girls through music, and Didi also toured the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico with a traditional Latin “Plena and Salsa” band, helping to develop her versatile playing style.

Didi was invited to join Cirque du Soleil during the creation process of Amaluna in 2012 and is the first ever female drummer to perform in any Cirque du Soleil show. Years later in 2018, she got asked once again to join the creation process for the revival of Alegria. For this new show, she also has the opportunity to be the back-up band leader. Didi is so proud to be a part of the creativity, passion and beauty surrounding her onstage every show!