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Most Central Texas counties exceed statewide average for percentage of people getting fully vaccinated

Travis, Hays, and Williamson counties show above-average numbers of people fully vaccinated against the coronavirus when compared to the rest of the state.

From the largest cities to the smallest towns, Texans are getting their COVID-19 shots. But despite the rising vaccination numbers, the state still lags most others in the U.S., ranking 44th with just under 20% of its eligible population fully vaccinated.

Ten of the 12 counties in the KVUE’s viewing area are beating that state average. Travis and Hays counties each have a little over 26.5% of their adult population fully vaccinated and Williamson County has 25.7% fully vaccinated.

Bastrop and Caldwell’s counties are below the state average of 19.5% fully vaccinated, Bastrop County with 18.7% and Caldwell County with 19.2% of its population vaccinated.

As of Monday, providers have used just over 15 million of the 21 million doses allocated to the state.

The next step: making sure everyone who is eligible will get the shots. But that might not be so easy.

A University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll from February 2021 revealed that 59% of people identifying as Republicans either said they were reluctant to get the shots or would refuse them, compared to 25% of Democrats who expressed the same reluctance.

Source: www.kvue.com