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Moist Conditions Expected as Cold Front Sweeps Through Houston

While Houston currently enjoys brisk Fall weather, clammier conditions are on the horizon as a cold front approaches from the north. Anticipate showers on Saturday night and Sunday morning, with temperatures dropping into the low 40s early Sunday. Texans fans should prepare for a damp tailgate before the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, although showers are likely to clear by the afternoon.

This front is a spinoff of a larger winter storm named “Cait” by The Weather Channel. Expected to bring heavy snowfall to the western United States and Midwest, its influence will be felt in southeast Texas, signaling cooler temperatures next week. Downtown Houston may experience lows in the low 40s on Monday and Tuesday, with the potential for a light freeze in areas north of the city on Tuesday morning, as highlighted by Space City Weather’s Matt Lanza.

While not the traditional fall weather, the upcoming conditions provide a welcome change from the relentless summer heat and power conservation appeals that defined the year.