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MD Anderson Cancer Center announces changed to COVID-19 policy

The MD Anderson Cancer Center has made some changes to its COVID-19 policy.

According to a news release, all adult patients can bring one adult visitor or caregiver with them per day starting Monday.

Everyone will be required to pass an entry screening and must wear a face mask issued by the hospital.

“Adult patients with outpatient clinic appointments, outpatient procedures or surgeries, and patients receiving care in the Acute Cancer Care Center can bring one adult visitor who passes entry screening,” the news release read. “The patient visitor must be able and willing to wear the provided mask.”

The policy for pediatric patients was also updated, according to the release. Now, pediatric patients are allowed up to two parents or guardians. Parents or guardians should talk with their care team to learn more about pediatric patient visitation.

For safety reasons, patients with COVID-19 or possible COVID-19 will not be allowed to have visitors.

The announcement also said there will be more dining areas with additional seating available.

Source: www.click2houston.com