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Mayor Whitmire and City Controller Hollins Collaborate to Tackle Houston’s Fiscal Challenges

In a significant move aimed at addressing Houston’s impending fiscal hurdles, Mayor Whitmire engaged in a constructive dialogue with City Controller Chris Hollins. The focus of their discussion centered on optimizing collaboration between the Administration and the Controller’s Office to better serve the city’s residents.

Both Mayor Whitmire and Controller Hollins underscored a shared commitment to charting a course toward fiscal sustainability and enhancing the quality of services provided to Houstonians.

“I was pleased to meet with Controller Chris Hollins to discuss our city finances and our mutual commitment to a better Houston. We recognize the city faces a huge challenge to maintain our financial sustainability, but I believe a great first step was for us to agree to work together,” expressed Mayor Whitmire.

Controller Hollins echoed this sentiment, expressing optimism about the evolving relationship between the new mayoral administration and the Office of the City Controller. “Our city faces serious fiscal challenges, but I’m confident we will work together to ensure Houston’s future prosperity,” he stated.

Acknowledging the diverse needs of Houstonians, Controller Hollins emphasized, “Whether it be addressing outdated infrastructure, keeping our neighborhoods safe, or increasing community resilience, Houstonians are counting on us to put forward our collective best. As Houston’s chief financial officer, I intend to keep that pledge.” This collaborative effort signals a proactive approach to surmount the city’s fiscal obstacles and deliver sustained benefits to its residents.