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Mayor Sylvester Turner Collaborates with Houston Public Works and Partners to Commemorate Milestone in $1.7 Billion Project Celebration

In a momentous ceremony held on December 11, 2023, Mayor Sylvester Turner of the City of Houston, alongside Houston Public Works and various water provider organizations, marked the official opening of the newly expanded Northeast Water Purification Plant (NEWPP).

This expansive construction initiative, initiated in 2017, has culminated in a facility with the capacity to supply Houston residents with an impressive 400 million gallons of clean drinking water on a daily basis. The state-of-the-art expansion features an intake pump system strategically positioned approximately 900 feet from the shores of Lake Houston.

Reflecting on the accomplishment, Mayor Sylvester Turner remarked, “Eight years ago, the City of Houston collaborated with four regional water authorities, committing over $1.7 billion to embark on what would ultimately evolve into the most substantial public works water construction project in the nation. The Northeast Water Purification Plant stands as a critical component of our city’s infrastructure, enhancing our resilience against the impacts of climate change.”

Houston Public Works Director Carol Haddock underscored the project’s significance, stating, “The Northeast Water Purification Plant is a testament to our dedication to providing high-quality drinking water for our citizens. By augmenting the city’s capacity to treat surface water and diminishing reliance on groundwater, the project addresses the associated risks of ground subsidence, such as heightened flooding, damage to our roads, and other infrastructure challenges.”

The collaborative effort for this undertaking involved partnerships with entities including the North Harris County Regional Water Authority, West Harris County Regional Water Authority, North Fort Bend Water Authority, Central Harris County Regional Water Authority, Texas Water Development Board, and numerous others.

Situated at 12550 Water Works Way in Humble, Texas, the Northeast Water Purification Plant serves as a critical asset in Houston’s commitment to ensuring water resilience.

About Houston Public Works

Houston Public Works, recognized as the largest and most diverse public works organization in the country, plays a pivotal role in establishing a robust foundation for Houston’s prosperity. Responsible for streets and drainage, water production and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, as well as permitting and regulation of public and private construction, Houston Public Works covers a vast 671-square mile service area. Accredited by the American Public Works Association, the organization can be followed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @HouPublicWorks. For more information, visit www.HoustonPublicWorks.org.