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LULAC Demands Stop To “Open Season” On Men Of Color By Bad Police Officers

Domingo Garcia, National President of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) today issued the following statement:“Minneapolis is ablaze because the anger of a community has been lit. LULAC urges our communities to end the civil disturbance because two wrongs do not make one right.Bad police officers need to be held accountable for murder or attempted murder just like everyone else for not affording people their Constitutional Rights. The bad police officers give the good police officers a bad reputation. Good police officers need to help de-escalate situations with brown and black men. We too felt the knee upon our necks as George Floyd pleaded for his life!I have two sons and I worry about them. I have a brother who is a police officer and I worry about him. A couple of years ago an unarmed black man was killed by Minneapolis police officers. And then, five innocent Dallas police officers were killed by a black man seeking revenge. An eye-for-an-eye leaves everyone blind.Good DA’s and good police chiefs need to arrest and indict the bad cops to let all Americans know that justice is colorblind and fair to all. This must happen now before more violence takes place.”