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Legal Dispute Involving Houston Texans Ownership Nears Resolution

The protracted legal battle involving the family behind the Houston Texans football franchise appears to be edging closer to a resolution, according to recent developments in Harris County court records.

The dispute, which began in late 2023, revolves around an application filed by Robert Cary McNair Jr., seeking the appointment of a permanent guardian for his mother, Janice McNair, who serves as the owner of the Texans. Janice McNair, alongside her son Cal McNair, the team’s chairman and CEO, swiftly moved to petition for the temporary and permanent sealing of the case, expressing dismay over Cary’s actions.

In a recent ruling, Judge Jerry W. Simoneaux, Jr. denied Cary’s request for Janice to undergo an independent medical examination. Janice, 87, has been recovering from a stroke she suffered in January 2022. The Houston Chronicle was the first to report on this latest development in the case.

Attorney Don Jackson, representing Janice McNair, indicated that they intend to petition for the dismissal of the case. While the timeline for this action remains uncertain, Jackson expressed satisfaction with the recent ruling and conveyed optimism about the path forward.

The legal proceedings have been fraught with concerns over the potential ramifications on the Texans organization. Cal McNair, in an affidavit filed in December, highlighted the detrimental impact the public disclosure of the dispute could have on the team, its employees, and business partners. Additionally, allegations surfaced regarding the disclosure of confidential personal, medical, and financial information in Cary’s application, which was deemed by Janice McNair’s legal team as a breach of fiduciary duties.

A temporary sealing order issued by Judge Simoneaux underscored the immediate and irreparable harm that Janice and Cal McNair would face if the sensitive information contained in the application were to be made public.

As the legal proceedings unfold, stakeholders closely monitor the case’s progress, mindful of its potential implications for the future of the Texans organization and the McNair family.