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Houston Residents Seek Answers Amid USPS Delivery Delays in Missouri City

Houston-area residents are expressing frustration over significant delivery delays at a United States Postal Service (USPS) facility in Missouri City. Congressman Al Green, representing the city’s 9th district, revealed that around 30 residents, including one woman awaiting her wedding dress, have reported missing packages.

The ongoing issues are attributed to the USPS’s “Delivering for America” plan, aimed at modernizing the postal system. As part of this plan, the Missouri City center has transitioned into a local processing center, while the North Houston Processing and Distribution Center now serves as a regional hub.

According to USPS statements provided to the Houston Chronicle, “As with any transition, some unintended and temporary disruptions may occur. We are taking steps to ensure packages are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible and apologize to any customers who may be experiencing issues with delivery of their items.”

Congressman Al Green addressed the concerns at a press conference on Monday, providing updates on the actions being taken to resolve the situation. Green emphasized the need for greater transparency from the Postal Service, urging them to meet with the press and make on-site customer service representatives available to assist the public.

To actively address the delivery delays, Green announced plans to draft a letter to send to the committee overseeing the Postal Service. He also intends to tour two USPS facilities to better understand the challenges contributing to the delays.

In the interim, Green encourages affected individuals to reach out to him for assistance while also advising them to contact USPS directly to report and address their delivery concerns. As the community seeks answers, the Congressman remains committed to resolving the issues and ensuring a smoother mail delivery process in the Houston area.