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Houston Rap Icons Mike Jones, Slim Thug, and Paul Wall Tease Reunion Tour Following Texans-Browns Halftime Show

Fresh off their electrifying halftime performance during the Texans-Browns Wild Card Game on January 13, Houston’s legendary rappers Mike Jones, Slim Thug, and the certified silver fox Paul Wall are dropping hints of an exciting reunion tour.

The speculation arose from a video posted by user AuxGod after the Texans game, where Paul Wall captures the empty Reliant Field. A key moment in the video reveals the back of Mike Jones’ hoodie, adorned with the words “Still Tippin’ tour” and the number 44 at the center. Jones enthusiastically confirms, “The tour’s official mayne, the tour is official.” Paul Wall chimes in with an energetic, “Let’s go baby, let’s gooooooo.”

Further fueling the anticipation, Jones seemingly confirmed the announcement on Instagram, sharing a video featuring highlights of the Texans’ impressive 45-14 victory over Cleveland along with the caption, “Still Tippin Tour is on the Way‼” Uneeq, Wall’s official tour DJ, also seemed to echo the confirmation on X, expressing excitement for the upcoming tour with Paul, Slim, and Mike.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the trio’s iconic collaboration, a milestone celebrated during their halftime performance that still resonated powerfully with the Texans’ crowd. While no official tour dates have been released, the trio has more than their 2004 hit “Still Tippin'” to offer, with each rapper having released new music in recent months.

Mike Jones dropped the single “She Making It Werk” in September 2023, showcasing his continued musical prowess. Slim Thug, on the other hand, released his 14th studio album, “Midlife Crisis,” also in September 2023. Meanwhile, Paul Wall treated fans to a new album titled “The Great Wall” in December 2023 and gained attention with his feature on That Mexican OT’s viral hit “Johnny Dang” last year.

As fans eagerly await further details, the prospect of the “Still Tippin Tour” promises a thrilling musical journey through the iconic trio’s extensive discography.