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Houston Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs awards $11.5M in grants to arts and culture nonprofit organizations and individual artists across the city

The City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs (MOCA) has announced it will donate more than $11,000,000 to various individuals as well as nonprofits in sponsored projects around the city for 2023.

In total, the city will give $11,520,344.70 in grants to 57 individuals and choose 131 arts and culture nonprofit organizations to receive it.

According to a news release, “the funds are awarded via the Support for Organizations, Festival, and Support for Artists and Creative Individuals grant programs, which support individuals, nonprofit organizations, and fiscally sponsored projects with annual arts and cultural programming that is available to Houston residents and visitors.”

“This massive investment into the arts sector highlights how important the arts are to the City of Houston,” says Mayor Sylvester Turner. “The arts help shape our city’s identity and we foster the creativity of our residents for the benefit of every Houstonian. I want this support for the arts to be a part of my legacy as Houston’s mayor.”

Source: click2houston