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Houston Braces for Weekend Weather Whiplash: Severe Storms and Substantial Temperature Plunge Forecasted

A potent front is poised to usher in a dramatic weather shift in Houston this weekend, bringing the likelihood of strong to severe storms followed by a significant temperature drop into the 30s. While Friday promises a warm end to the workweek with highs in the mid-70s, the transition to the weekend brings the potential for stormy conditions.

Space City Weather’s Eric Berger anticipates a warm and muggy start on Saturday, with temperatures reaching the mid- or upper-70s. However, the forecast includes the possibility of a storm system, potentially manifesting as a continuous or fragmented line of storms. Berger cautions about the potential for severe daytime thunderstorms, citing the somewhat unstable air mass. Confidence in the forecast is expected to solidify in the coming days.

Following a potentially turbulent Saturday, a surge of cold air and brisk winds is set to drive temperatures down into the 40s overnight. Sunday morning may feel even colder, with wind chill factors in the 30s across much of the Houston metro area. Sunday’s high temperatures are forecasted to reach only the upper 50s despite ample sunshine. Monday morning is expected to bring even colder temperatures, hovering around 40 degrees in Houston, albeit with more tolerable winds.

The weekend chill is projected to persist through the upcoming week, according to Berger, with lows in the 40s and highs in the 60s as of Wednesday morning. Houston residents are advised to stay updated on the evolving weather conditions and prepare for the potential impact of severe storms and the subsequent temperature drop.