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Houston Among Top Cities for Living Well on $100,000 Income, Study Find

A recent study conducted by GOBankingRates has positioned Houston as one of the leading cities in the United States for individuals earning $100,000, highlighting the city’s favorable cost of living. The comprehensive study analyzed various data points, incorporating insights from the U.S. Census American Community Survey and the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey, to assess the financial landscape for those with a $100,000 income.

According to the findings, a person earning $100,000 in Houston would have a net income after taxes amounting to $78,089. The study calculated the average total expenses for a Houston resident with this income to be $43,105.46, leaving a surplus of $34,983.54 in income after covering essential expenses.

This places Houston at the seventh position among the top 50 cities in the country for income after expenses. The categories contributing to the total expenses calculation include annual rent, groceries, healthcare, utilities, transportation, and miscellaneous costs.

Surpassing Houston in the rankings are two other Texas cities, with El Paso securing the second spot and San Antonio in third. An El Paso resident earning $100,000 would anticipate a total income after expenses of $37,685, while a San Antonio resident could expect $37,081. Memphis claimed the top spot on the list, projecting its residents to take home $39,397 after expenses.

Conversely, the study identified New York as the most expensive city in the nation for individuals with a $100,000 income. Residents in New York face a negative income after expenses of -$6,209. San Francisco also joined the list of cities with negative income after expenses, with residents ending up with -$1,342.

The study sheds light on the significant financial advantages Houston offers to individuals with a $100,000 income, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a high quality of life while effectively managing their expenses.