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Honda Recalls Over 2.5 Million Vehicles in the U.S. Due to Fuel Pump Defect

Honda Motor’s American division is initiating a recall of more than 2.5 million vehicles in the United States, citing a fuel pump defect that poses an increased risk of engine failure or stalling while driving.

Documents released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveal that the fuel pump impeller utilized in 2017-2020 Acura and Honda vehicles was improperly molded. This manufacturing flaw results in low-density impellers that can deform over time, potentially interfering with the fuel pump body, according to regulators. This interference may lead to a malfunctioning fuel pump.

The NHTSA emphasizes that if the fuel pump module fails to operate, the affected vehicle’s engine may either fail to start or stall during operation, heightening the risk of crashes and injuries. Honda has stated that, as of now, there have been no reported crashes or injuries related to this recall.

In response to the issue, Honda announced on Thursday that it will undertake the replacement of fuel pumps for all affected vehicles at no charge. The recall process will be executed in multiple phases, with the first batch of notification letters to affected owners scheduled for distribution in February.

Honda owners are urged to be vigilant for further communication from the automaker and take prompt action to address the fuel pump defect in order to ensure the safety and reliability of their vehicles.