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Harris County Surpasses Total 2016 Voter Turnout

Harris County  Surpasses Total 2016 General Election Turnout
Record-breaking turnout continues with one day left of Early Voting 

Record breaking voter turnout continues in Harris County, as more voters have now cast a ballot than the entire voting period of the November 2016 General Election. Over 1.3 million voters were cast in 2016, the most in Harris County history.

Voters are encouraged to make their plan to vote on the last day of Early Voting or on Election Day by visiting  www.HarrisVotes.com/Locations to find their nearest voting center. Friday, October 30, is the last day to vote early ahead of Election Day on Tuesday, November 3.

“This November, Harris County voters have had more access to the polls than ever, and I’m thrilled to see this record breaking turnout. ” said Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins. “There’s still time for voters to vote early, deliver a mail ballot in person at NRG Arena, or have their voice heard on Election Day.”

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