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Governor Abbott Expresses Support for IVF, But Stops Short of Advocating for Legislation

In a recent interview with CNN, Texas Governor Greg Abbott voiced his support for in vitro fertilization (IVF) measures, pledging to make it easier for individuals to have children. However, despite acknowledging the importance of IVF in expanding opportunities for parenthood, Abbott refrained from calling for specific legislation to protect access to IVF in Texas.

During the interview with CNN reporter Dana Bash, Abbott emphasized the significance of making parenthood more accessible, stating, “A goal that we all kind of want to achieve is we want to make it easier for people to be able to have babies, not make it harder, and the IVF process is a way of giving life to even more babies.”

Abbott’s remarks come in the wake of a recent ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court, which classified frozen embryos as “children” under state law. The decision sparked controversy and led to the closure of several IVF clinics in Alabama. In response, Abbott underscored the need to navigate the complexities surrounding IVF laws and procedures.

While Abbott aligned his sentiments with likely Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who advocated for maintaining access to IVF treatments, he stopped short of outlining a concrete timeline for addressing IVF access in Texas. He reiterated Texas’ stance as a “pro-life state” committed to promoting life and empowering parents but did not provide specifics on when legislation regarding IVF would be addressed.

“I have no doubt that Texas will be among the states that address this issue,” Abbott stated. “When we can bring together all the different fact scenarios about what could happen. But also …Texas is a pro-life state, and we want to do everything possible that we can to maintain Texas being a pro-life state.”

Abbott’s comments highlight the ongoing debate surrounding IVF legislation and the complexities involved in balancing reproductive rights and pro-life advocacy in Texas.