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Governor Abbott Asks Counties For Financial Impact Of Border Crisis

Governor Greg Abbott today sent a letter to county judges across the state asking them to send to the Governor’s office a full and accurate estimate of the fiscal impact of the current border crisis on their respective counties. The State of Texas will use this information to formally request that the federal government pay in full for these costs borne by state and local governments. The Governor also noted that the efforts of county judges can be bolstered if their Commissioner Courts adopt a resolution supporting the State of Texas’ request for federal reimbursement.

“Securing the border is the federal government’s responsibility, but the current crisis has placed a costly burden on the State of Texas and on our local governments,” reads the Governor’s letter. “I have heard from many counties about the challenges they are facing from the surge in illegal border crossings.  Several counties have declared local disasters.  Other counties have been working around the clock in response to the federal government opening migrant facilities in their counties. I strongly believe that your county, our state, and our fellow Texans should not be forced to shoulder these costs and that the federal government should reimburse us in full.”

Source: gov.texas.gov