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Elon Musk Creates New Artificial Intelligence Company X.AI

Elon Musk, who recently warned about the dangers of artificial intelligence, has now founded an AI company himself. The company is called X.AI and is based in the US state of Nevada. Exactly what it deals with is not yet known.

Company foundation so far not announced

In the recent past, there had already been increased rumors that Musk was interested in entering the AI market. He himself had not wanted to confirm this so far. Asked about his mass purchases of graphics cards, which point to an AI commitment, he vaguely replied that everyone was currently buying a lot of graphics cards. Even now, Musk has yet to comment on his new company. The foundation became known only by a corresponding entry in the enterprise data base of Nevada. As authorized to dispose there beside Musk also his chief of staff Jared Birchall is listed.

Musk warned against AI

Strikingly, Musk only recently warned of the dangers of further AI development. For example, he also signed a letter from more than 1,000 technology industry professionals calling for a postponement of related developments to debate the ethical and social issues associated with artificial intelligence before widespread market introduction and irrevocable societal changes. Musk’s signature now puts X.AI in a new light: did the billionaire merely want to buy himself time to develop a competitive product himself through the moratorium? That his ethical concerns are merely pretextual does not seem unlikely, since Musk has so far primarily been seen as profit-oriented and has already invested significantly in AI developments. For example, he is part of the founding team of OpenAI, the company behind Chat-GPT. However, he left the company several years ago. Musk is also working on a humanoid robot at Tesla.

Source: basic-tutorials.com