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Controversy Erupts as Governor Abbott Claims Credit for Not Allowing Border Agents to Shoot Migrants

In a recent interview on the far-right radio talk show “The Dana Show,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott asserted that he deserves credit for prohibiting border agents from shooting migrants crossing the border. The Republican governor’s remarks, made in response to a question about his administration’s approach to controlling the southern border, have sparked criticism from his opponents.

During the interview with host Dana Loesch, an editor at Breitbart News and former National Rifle Association spokesperson, Abbott emphasized that the state is making every possible effort to manage illegal migration. He went on to state, “The only thing we are not doing, we’re not shooting people who cross the border because of course the Biden administration will charge us with murder.”

Critics of Abbott argue that his comments have crossed a line. Congresswoman Veronica Escobar, D-El Paso, expressed her disbelief on X, stating, “I can’t believe I have to say ‘murdering people is unacceptable.’ @GregAbbott_TX It’s language like yours that left 23 people dead and 22 others injured in El Paso.” Escobar was referring to the 2019 incident in El Paso when a gunman targeted individuals in a mass shooting, citing a “Hispanic invasion.”

Texas Democratic Chair Gilberto Hinojosa also condemned Abbott’s remarks, stating, “Time and again, Greg Abbott and Texas Republicans have made it abundantly clear they have no morality or humanity.”

Abbott’s controversial statements come at a critical juncture in border politics. Recently, the Texas National Guard, deployed by Abbott, prevented federal U.S. Border Patrol agents from entering and patrolling a public area in the border town of Eagle Pass. Texas state officials had earlier blocked Border Patrol boats from patrolling a key staging area. In response, the Department of Justice has asked the Supreme Court to order Texas to cease blocking Border Patrol agents, setting the stage for another showdown between Abbott and the Biden Administration.