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Cold Weekend Forecast Followed by Potential Heavy Rainfall Threat Next Week

Many residents awoke to sub-freezing temperatures this morning, and the chilly weather is expected to persist throughout the weekend. Today’s high will only reach the mid-to-upper 40s, a pattern likely to continue into tomorrow.

Addressing concerns about more extreme cold in the extended forecast, experts assure that while lows on Saturday morning may dip into the upper 20s/low 30s for most areas, temperatures will rise to the 40s by the afternoon. There’s a possibility of a light freeze again on Sunday morning, with Houston forecasted to drop to 34 degrees.

Looking ahead to the remainder of the weekend, the weather forecast indicates a chilly winter experience, with highs staying in the 40s on both Saturday and Sunday. Cloud cover is expected to increase on Sunday in anticipation of a significant Pacific storm that could bring substantial rainfall to Southeast Texas early in the upcoming work week.

Concerning rainfall predictions for next week, the latest forecast estimates a range of 3-6 inches of rain from Monday to Wednesday. Certain areas may see closer to 8 inches, raising the potential for street flooding. Authorities advise monitoring creeks, bayous, and rivers as the region braces for the impact of the approaching weather system. Stay tuned for updates as the situation evolves.