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Cirque Du Soleil and Texan French Alliance for the Arts Join Forces with a Special Performance of Alegría in Houston

Cirque du Soleil is pleased to be joining forces with the Texan French Alliance for the Arts (TFAA) for a performance of Alegría, their most iconic production. On March 31, 2020, the two organizations will team-up for a spectacular night of entertainment under the Big Top to fundraise for “Be the Peace-Be the Hope” (BTPBTH), an intensive professional development program for teachers and staff with a focus on social and emotional learning for students, culminating in community development and peacebuilding projects.

Sharing similar values as the Texan French Alliance for the Arts, Cirque du Soleil uses art to positively impact communities and intervene in the lives of marginalized youth. In Houston, and in every city visited by its Big Top productions, Cirque du Soleil partners with local organizations to build a brighter future and inspire the world to shine. On February 28, 2020, Cirque du Soleil will also welcome 100 students and teachers from Sugar GroveAcademy, an H.I.S.D. school that has been participating in BTPBTH for the past 4 years.

“It is an honor to have an organization like Cirque du Soleil recognize and support our efforts in Houston and beyond. As Carl Jung said: “There can be no transforming of darkness into light and apathy into movement without emotion”- BTPBTH brings this notion into the real world, sharing transformative experiences and teaching life skills to youth facing darkness and risking destruction through violence and apathy in their ambient surroundings. Our team is immensely grateful to Cirque du Soleil for this meaningful partnership”, commented TFAA Executive Director Karine Parker-Lemoyne. “I am excited about the progress of the Be the Peace – Be the Hope program in our school, and the outreach from Cirque du Soleil is an extraordinary inspiration for our community,” shared Orlando Reyna, Principal of Sugar Grove Academy,

For more information and to purchase VIP tickets to the March 31 performance, visit https://bepeacebehope.org/