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Chris Hollins Secures Victory in Houston Runoff for Chief Financial Officer Position

Former Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins is running for mayor in 2023 –  Houston Public Media

In a decisive victory on Saturday night, Houstonians elected Chris Hollins as the city’s Chief Financial Officer, marking his triumph over Orlando Sanchez in a closely contested runoff vote.

The Chief Financial Officer, or controller, plays a pivotal role in overseeing the city’s financial matters and ensuring fiscal responsibility.

Prior to the runoff, Hollins emphasized his commitment to being a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars in an interview with ABC13. He articulated his vision for the role, stating, “Our job is to be an independent watchdog, not a lap dog, but not an attack dog.”

Hollins, who initially entered the race for controller after withdrawing from a crowded mayor’s race, demonstrated strong support by finishing first in the general election held in November.

Speaking about the responsibilities of the controller’s office, Hollins underscored the importance of transparency and accountability. “We’re put in office by the voters so they know what’s going on down at city hall,” he affirmed. “So that they know how their money is being spent, and that we’re fighting every single day to make this a more efficient and effective city government for them, regardless of who the mayor is.”

With this election outcome, Chris Hollins is poised to take on the role of Chief Financial Officer, contributing to the financial well-being and responsible governance of the city of Houston.