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BREAKING: Shooting Incident at Lakewood Church Leaves Shooter Deceased and Child Critically Injured

During a press conference held on Sunday, authorities confirmed the demise of the shooter involved in the incident at Lakewood Church. The altercation, which ensued in gunfire between responding officers and the suspect, resulted in critical injuries to a five-year-old child. The child has been rushed to Texas Children’s Hospital for medical attention.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner addressed the media outside Lakewood Church, revealing that the suspect was identified as a woman aged between 30 and 35. According to Chief Finner, the assailant entered the premises through a western entrance at approximately 1:53 p.m. The suspect, carrying a long gun and adorned in a trench coat and backpack, was accompanied by a small child, estimated to be around four or five years old.

The woman was subdued by two off-duty officers stationed at the church, one of whom was a veteran Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission officer, and the other a 28-year-old HPD officer. Following the exchange of gunfire, the woman purportedly claimed to possess a bomb, as relayed by Chief Finner. However, subsequent searches of her person and vehicle yielded no explosives. Additionally, it was reported that the woman sprayed a substance on the ground before succumbing to her injuries.

Another casualty of the firefight was a 57-year-old man, who sustained injuries but is reported to be in stable condition after receiving medical attention.

Chief Finner commended the swift action of the officers involved, stating, “[The suspect] had a long gun, and it could’ve been a lot worse. But [officers] stepped up and did their job.”

Joining Chief Finner at the press conference were Houston Mayor John Whitmire and Lakewood pastor Joel Osteen. Mayor Whitmire emphasized the coordinated efforts of various departments in responding to the incident, reassuring Houstonians of their safety. He urged citizens to embrace their loved ones amidst the unsettling events.

The incident at Lakewood Church underscores the importance of preparedness and collaboration among law enforcement agencies in ensuring public safety. As investigations continue into the motive behind the shooting, the community remains resilient in the face of adversity.