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Biden’s Attorney Slams Special Counsel Report as ‘Shabby’ and Biased

President Joe Biden’s personal attorney, Bob Bauer, has voiced strong objections to what he perceives as biased elements within the recently released report by the special counsel. In a statement made on CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday, Bauer condemned the report, labeling it as “shabby” and asserting that it “went off the rails.”

The special counsel, appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland, had been investigating potential mishandling of classified documents by President Biden during his previous roles as vice president and senator. Despite concluding that no criminal charges were warranted, the report contained details that Bauer found troubling.

Particularly contentious were references to Biden’s memory lapses, including moments related to the death of his son Beau Biden. The president expressed indignation at these mentions, stating, “How the hell dare he raise that,” and questioning the relevance of such personal matters to the investigation.

Bauer, who is married to a top White House aide, Anita Dunn, raised objections to these inclusions with both the special counsel and Attorney General Garland, citing concerns about prejudicing the public against individuals not charged with a crime. However, his appeals were unsuccessful, with Bauer lamenting that the report was made public as written by the special counsel.

Former Trump Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein defended the report, arguing that it’s common for criminal investigations to uncover unfavorable information about subjects, which would typically remain sealed within Department of Justice files. However, Bauer contended that certain details were selectively included to create a misleading narrative.

Bauer also suggested potential political pressure on the Justice Department, given its prosecution of former President Donald Trump. The special counsel, Robert Hur, a Republican and former U.S. attorney under Trump, faced scrutiny over the handling of the investigation, raising questions about the influence of external factors on the report’s conclusions.

The Biden administration has not directly addressed the criticisms leveled by Bauer and others. However, the dispute underscores ongoing tensions surrounding the investigation and its implications for the perception of justice and political neutrality within the Justice Department.