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Altercation Involving Amazon Driver Unfolds at Upscale Houston Apartment Complex

@_redrosemedia Christmas time Karen: I was assaulted by an unidentified white woman in the popular, affluent, Houston neighborhood, River Oaks while delivering a package on an Amazon shift. This lady spewed racist tropes, like that I was a thief, and hit me several times. She even threw me up against a residents door, and eventually ripped the package I’m attempting to delivery out of my hand, all unprompted. All while I did not once hit or touch her back. As much as I wanted to, I knew she would weaponize anything I did to her against me. She even yells “she’s hitting me!” in the video as you can literally see her hitting ME. At this same time, you can also see her fake defend herself as I again, do not lay a single finger on her. I hate that I did not get clearer video, but I was literally having to defend myself. I’m pressing charges on her, and have already filed the police report, so I am hoping to get the apartment security footage. But the building has not been helpful so far. What happened: I was let into the building by a resident. I have an amazon vest on, and a package in hand, so she lets me into the elevator. I attempt to exit the elevator on the 2nd floor, and she tells me I have to go to the concierge even though my delivery instructions say customers door. I decide to go with what the delivery instructions say, and proceed to try to find the customers door on the 2nd floor. This resident who let me in the elevator, then starts freaking out, and runs and tells another lady that I am not listening to her about going to the concierge. The lady she told is who ends up harassing and assaulting me. I started recording shortly after the harassing began. Both of these were older white women, who I assume were rich based on the neighborhood and fancy apartment building, and I absolutely believe their vitriol towards me was racially motivated. I have not heard any updates on the investigation and I want this spread far and wide to identify these women. Because of this experience, I’ve had to obviously take a break from Amazon, which was my primary income, and this has all been extremely disruptive to my day to day. I don’t feel comfortable delivering to certain places, and you can not confirm where you are delivering before you pick up packages for your shift with Amazon’s structure. Living check to check, any time off from working puts me in a hole so I’ve also set up a gofundme in my bio to help with bills and rent while I look for new work. I have never experienced such racist, Karen, behavior. It was so off the wall, but also completely on brand with how white women have historically weaponized their privilege. The best example of this in the video is when she claims I am hitting her, while literally hitting me. And it’s wild how I still felt like if I defended myself in that moment and hit her back, that I would face harsh consequences. Please help me by sharing and tagging local news accounts. #christmas #karen #houston #blm #amazon #holidays ♬ original sound – red rose media

A disturbing encounter unfolded earlier this month at The Belle Meade at River Oaks in Houston when Amazon delivery partner JaMaiya Miller, 25, faced allegations of theft from residents of the upscale apartment complex. Miller, attempting a routine delivery, was accosted by two women in a heated incident captured on TikTok, subsequently going viral with over 800,000 views.

In the video, captioned “Christmas time Karen,” Miller navigates a hallway while a woman in a gray jacket physically obstructs her path, accusing her of theft. The tense exchange, which escalated to the woman hitting Miller with her phone, gained attention on social media platforms, including Reddit’s r/PublicFreakout.

Miller explained to Chron that the altercation began after an elevator ride with one of the women, who objected to Miller delivering packages directly to residents’ doors. Despite Miller clarifying delivery instructions, the situation escalated, leading to physical confrontation and accusations of theft.

The woman off-camera, identified as “Karen 2” in the video, had initially let Miller into the complex. Despite Miller’s attempts to leave, the woman continued to block her, claiming security was on the way. A doorman eventually mediated the situation, allowing Miller to depart.

As of now, Houston Police Department investigators are evaluating whether a chargeable crime occurred. The Belle Meade at River Oaks disapproved of the incident, stating that packages should be delivered to the concierge desk. Amazon confirmed Miller’s affiliation and is cooperating with law enforcement, emphasizing the safety of their delivery partners.

In an update, Miller expressed her intention to pursue a civil case, having experienced psychological and material repercussions. She hopes for accountability and justice in the aftermath of the distressing incident.