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AccuWeather estimates Beryl will ultimately lead to $28-32 billion in economic losses in the US

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — The cost of Hurricane Beryl’s damage, extended power outages, and travel and business disruptions are adding up fast.

ABC13’s partners at AccuWeather issued a preliminary estimate for the damage and economic losses from the storm in Texas and along its path through the United States.

AccuWeather estimates the storm will cost a staggering $28-32 billion in total damage and economic losses.

Their estimate looked at both direct and indirect impacts of the storm, long-term effects on transportation and tourism, and even what’s still expected as Beryl moves into New England.

Houston, being the fourth largest city in the country, also plays a big part in costs.

“(Houston) is a major port, and it’s a major hub of economic activity – not only in the state of Texas but as far as the United States overall,” AccuWeather Chief Meteorologist Jon Porter said.

So far, Beryl has exceeded the cost of Idalia, which last year caused $18-20 billion in damages and economic loss. It’s still below Harvey, which caused $230 billion.

The state is asking anyone who has suffered damage to report it to the Texas Division of Emergency Management website, as this plays a significant role in receiving additional federal money for storm victims.

Under “Active Incidents,” you can look for Beryl and fill out the survey that helps officials assess the need.