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620,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine to be delivered to 1,100 Texas providers next week

Next week the state of Texas is getting more than 620,000 more doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

The shipments are slated to begin arriving as early as Monday and will go to more than 1100 providers, including pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics, many of them in smaller, rural areas of the state.

The owners of one of those pharmacies in Sugar Land, DeliverIt Pharmacy, are very excited to be receiving about 100 of the vaccines.

“When I got this email that our application for the vaccines was approved and we’re getting the shipment on Monday, I was likeHallelujah, a sign of relief”, said Dr. Ehab Abughazaleh, CEO of DeliverIt.

All told, over 620,000 doses will be shipped to providers in 185 Texas counties.

460,500 doses will come from Moderna and 159,900 will come from Pfizer.

Among those getting the vaccine, the Houston Fire Department is slated to receive 3000 doses to be given to the department’s first responders.