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165-Acre Site Purchased for Future Harris County Fair and Rodeo Events

In a significant development for the Harris County Fair and Rodeo, the Stockton Foundation Inc. has announced the acquisition of a sprawling 165-acre tract of land. Avison Young, representing the foundation in the transaction, revealed the purchase through a news release on March 10.

Fred Stockton, a key figure within the Stockton Foundation and chairman of the Harris County Fair and Rodeo Association, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition’s implications for the organization’s mission. In a statement featured in the news release, Stockton emphasized the foundation’s commitment to youth engagement, agricultural education, entertainment, and family-friendly events.

“We are thrilled to acquire this site to be utilized by our nonprofit group,” Stockton remarked. The expansive land is poised to become the new venue for the Harris County Fair and Rodeo, offering ample space for a diverse range of activities and experiences.

According to Stockton, the inaugural fair and rodeo at the new location is anticipated to take place in late 2024. Notably, plans are underway to relocate several historical buildings to the parcel, adding a touch of heritage and charm to the venue.

Among the structures slated for relocation is the iconic Tin Hall, a beloved landmark originally constructed in the late 1800s in Cypress, TX. Despite its closure in 2014, Stockton expressed his excitement about reviving the historic building in its new setting.

“We will reconstruct the old Tin Hall,” Stockton explained, detailing plans to preserve and repurpose various interior elements salvaged from the original structure. The restoration project aims to breathe new life into the historic venue, offering patrons a glimpse into the region’s rich cultural heritage.

Currently hosted at the East Montgomery Fair Grounds in Sallas Park, New Caney, the Harris County Fair and Rodeo is a cherished annual tradition. With the acquisition of the expansive new site, organizers anticipate expanding the event’s offerings and accommodating a larger audience.

The move marks a significant milestone for the Harris County Fair and Rodeo, signaling an exciting chapter of growth and development for one of the region’s premier cultural celebrations. As plans for the new venue take shape, anticipation builds for the upcoming festivities and the community eagerly awaits the grand debut of the expanded fair and rodeo experience.