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Trump Organization Faces Imminent Threat as Fraud Trial Nears Verdict

In a dramatic turn of events, the fate of the Trump Organization hangs in the balance as New York Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron inches closer to delivering his verdict in the high-profile fraud trial against former President Donald Trump. The trial, which commenced ten and a half weeks ago, has been marked by scathing critiques from the judge, who appears increasingly convinced of Trump’s involvement in fraudulent activities related to his golf resorts and real estate empire.

The trial’s genesis lies in a September ruling by Justice Engoron, where he ordered the potential dissolution of significant portions of the Trump Organization. The judge, expressing disdain for Trump’s history of deceptive net-worth statements, delivered a ruling that awaits finalization pending an appeal.

Recent developments indicate a growing consensus among legal experts that the judge may deliver a crippling blow to Trump’s business empire. Diana Florence, a former financial crimes prosecutor, suggests that Engoron has essentially issued a “corporate death penalty,” a severe measure that could prompt years of legal battles and appeals.

The potential dissolution centers on revoking New York “GBL 130 certificates,” essential for conducting legal business in the state. These certificates, described as a company’s “birth certificate,” were targeted by Engoron in his September ruling, citing evidence of Trump’s fraudulent financial statements submitted to banks.

Engoron’s ruling, if upheld, could have cascading effects on the Trump Organization’s myriad entities, including DJT Holdings Managing Member LLC and DJT Holdings LLC, both integral to Trump’s vast corporate structure. The repercussions might extend to Trump Tower, his Westchester estate, licensing deals, and stakes in various properties.

The judge’s order includes appointing a receiver to manage the dissolution of the affected LLCs, implying the potential sale of Trump’s properties. The severity of this measure prompted legal experts to label it as a “permanent injunctive relief” akin to a corporate death sentence.

New York State Attorney General Letitia James, while pursuing the case, has not explicitly sought the demise of the Trump Organization but has instead advocated for five years of audits, monitoring, and restrictions on borrowing and property acquisition in New York.

As the trial inches towards its conclusion, the looming question remains whether Justice Engoron will deliver a fatal blow to the Trump Organization or opt for alternative punitive measures. The trial’s outcome, expected before the end of January, holds significant implications not only for Trump’s business empire but also for the broader legal and political landscape.